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HiSilicon Empowering Dash Camera Industry by Releasing Hi3556V200 Chipset

[Shenzhen, China, August 1]HiSilicon launch a new generation of Car-DVR solution based on Hi3556V200. Created for devices that require recording on more clearly of 1440P pixels front + 1080P pixels rear while on driving scene. Hi3556V200 solves the problem of heat dissipation issue that exists for most Car-DVR on market by significantly reducing the power consumption of the chip, and the problem of TF-card life span issue when recording at high stream bit-rate. With the high affection reference design on SDK, customers could faster solution developing and shorter time to market.

Hi3556V200 features the following advantages:

• Advanced codec formats: Hi3556V200 greatly reduces the stream bit-rate by supporting HiSilicon smart H.265 codec which can also downward compatibility to H.264, improves service life of TF card. These can upgrade resolution higher and make it possible.

• HDR: Hi3556V200 supports 2-frame WDR exposure. It upgrades the image quality when going through car-park and tunnel with enhanced experiences on low light and ultra-high light scenes. Hi3556V200 can record clearer videos with enough details when accident happens.

• Low power consumption: Hi3556V200 takes the advantage of IC processing technology and employs a number of low power technologies in algorithm and IC designs to achieve the ultra-low power consumption. The total power consumption for the entire dash camera solution is less than 2 watts when recording 1440P front + 1080P rear, leading the dash camera after-market industry by meeting the increasingly resolution challenging requirements of heat dissipation.

• Fast booting & convenient developing: Hi3556V200 supports Huawei LiteOS and Linux dual operation systems. Huawei LiteOS features a fast booting as low as 500 millisecond. Furthermore, by supporting Linux, by releasing efficient reference solution, Hi3556V200 helps developers reduce the time to market and enjoy the benefits of most commonly used development platform.

• Low latency: By optimizing the SoC architecture and integrating low latency algorithms, Hi3556V200 enhances user experience of E-Mirror product by reducing latency to less than 40 milliseconds.

• High cost-effective eBOM & low PCB requirement: With integrated 1G-bit DDR memory, Hi3556V200 makes product size smaller when running at 1440P front + 1080P rear Car-DVR. Additionally, Hi3556V200 achieves a low-cost PCB design and implementation. These measures greatly reduce the eBOM cost for the products.

With great features above, HiSilicon Hi3556V200 SoC will help to upgrade the quality and quantity of dash cameras, enhance user experience for two channels Car-DVR, and make the dash camera an indispensable accessory in driving lives.