[Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 26 ] The 5-day IBC2019 opened in Amsterdam, the Netherland. The world’s leading media, entertainment and technology show, all of the experience and knowledge of IBC, run by the industry for the industry, is reflected in this annual global event, which looks to the Connected Future. HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd., a world-leading fabless IC Semiconductor Company, has demonstrated an industry first “AI + 8K + HomeBus” solution.

First day of IBC2019, Veni Shone, CEO of HiSilicon (Shanghai) Technologies CO., LIMITED, published a speech entitled “Defining a new chapter of Smart Home with 8K + AI+ HomeBus". "Working towards an all-intelligent world, human society is gradually entering into an era of All Things Perceptive, All Things Connected and All Things Intelligent. In this increasingly intelligent society, people continue to face Smart Home challenges including Non-Unified Standards, Unsatisfactory Connectivity, and an Absence of, or Limited AI. To resolve these challenges, HiSilicon has been discussing these issues with its industry partners, and is calling for a unified communications standard for the Smart Home industry and ecosystem with an assured level of quality of experience," Mr. Veni Shone said, “because in this increasingly intelligent society, Smart Home challenges need to be fully addressed based on unified standards, full connectivity and AI capabilities.”.

Steeve Huin, the Vice President of Business Development, Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, from Irdeto the presented on the topic of "8K UHD Future & Security Requirements"

Sunny Niu, the Deputy Secretary-General of AVS Industrial Alliance, then made a keynote speech discussing "AVS3 New Codec Standard for 8K".

Finally at the summit, Marvin He, GM of Video Product Line, delivered a keynote speech on "5G + Cloud Enabling Media Transformation".

At the same time, HiSilicon showed our world-leading “8K+AI” technologies and also demonstrated the advanced technologies, including:

● End-to-End smart home solution, 8K+AI experience

● AI Camera, AI Camera Tracking and Shooting

● AI-Based PQ, PQ demo based on AI recognition of the scenarios

● Cast Token, Cast the video to TV via mobile phone and support multiple cast protocol

● Connected Home Bus, High bandwidth, low latency, stable access to Huawei Q2 G.hn, Wi-Fi networking (dynamic)

Top 3 areas of interest:

● 8K+AI experience

● AI Camera, AI Camera Tracking and Shooting

● Connected Home Bus

Being at the show is amazing, many customers and ecosystem partners from all over the world actively visited our booth and held cooperation meetings together, international customers increased by 20%, we have had so many visitors and a lot of requirements. It is an exellent opportunity show for HiSilicon. We have successfully expanded HiSilicon branding in Europe.